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The best decision Eric and I made when planning our wedding was to hire you as our photographer!  With your work, we got more than the usual family snapshots: your artistic touch places you on a level far beyond the average wedding photographer.  Not only did you capture our memories, you imbued each frame with moments of ambience and emotion.  Thanks so much Ty! ~Tara and Eric 

Ty, We are so pleased with our wedding pictures!!!  Everything went so well (even the huge family pics). Your patience and talent will be in our minds and on our walls forever!  Thanks for creating memories for our family & generations ahead!! Sincerely, Jason and Carrie

​We cannot thank you enough for your amazing services!  Ty, we had such a nice time working with you on our wedding day.  Your professionalism, friendliness, and expertise are unmatched.  We appreciated your patience in getting the various group shots, and were blown away by how you went above and beyond at the reception, clearing our plates and offering to get us beers :)  We just finished looking through the pictures and they are PERFECT! More beautiful than I ever imagined!!  Our wedding album is going to be about 10" thick because I don't know how we will be able to narrow the pictures down.  Thank you again for everything and we will be sure to recommend you to anyone looking for great photography services! Sincerely, Kim and Justin

​Dear Ty, Thank you so much for the fantastic wedding photos you took for us at Twin Owls. They turned out so beautiful... especially the ones of Lumpy Ridge in the background.  We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day!  You were extremely easy to work with and your courtious, prompt service put our minds at ease.  If we ever need more photos taken we will be sure to call. Take care and thanks again. Sincerely, Rachel & Mike

What We Offer

Our Vision

 Nagl Wedding Photography


Nagl Wedding Photography offers a unique, photo journalistic approach to wedding photography. Our vision is to create art not just document your day. Please look through our website and contact us with any questions you might have. Packages include copyrights to all images so you can print wherever and whenever you choose. We would love to have the opportunity to capture the lifetime of memories created in these moments.
The most important tip I can offer as a photographer is to hire someone who has personality that you appreciate. After all you will spend a good portion of your day with this person so liking them is a plus. It’s that simple. 

If your photographer includes an engagement session, take advantage it!  It is a must-have for a number of reasons: 1) It gives you a chance to get comfortable with the process and the person. Then when the big day arrives your photographer will know what you like, and you’ll be more at ease knowing you’re in good hands.   2) Engagement images are great for guest books, save-the-date items, place cards, centerpieces, programs, slide shows – the list goes on and on. 3) Besides the zillions of wedding uses, it’s always nice to have portraits in your home of the two of you in normal clothes.

Work with your photographer to plan a realistic time line and stick to it.  Your photographer will know how much time to schedule for portraits, and you’d be well served to take his or her advice.  Few things can turn up the stress levels more than running behind schedule and trying to cram everything in to whatever time you have left. You’ll be stressed.  You friends and family will be stressed. Schedule in a little “just-in-case” time here and there to be on the safe side.  Also remember the majority of the pictures you will hang in your home will be of the two of you, so it is important to make that a priority and plan ample time for capturing those shots.

When you meet with your photographer for your final consultation, be sure to discuss your expectations for formal family and bridal party portraits.  I’m a big fan of utilizing a shot list for formals because it makes sure everybody’s on the same page, helps determine the amount of time needed, and addresses the additional time and considerations that might be needed to accommodate small children, divorces and physical or mental challenges.  If your photographer doesn’t work with an assistant, enlisting the help of a friend or family member that knows most of the people involved can help keep groups under control.  Additionally, it allows your photographer to concentrate on creating the images rather than tracking down the subjects.

​Communicate, communicate, and communicate!  Talk to your hair and make-up vendors about how much time they’ll need. Talk to your florist about when your photography coverage begins.  Talk to your family and bridal party members about when they’ll need to be ready and where you’ll need them to be for portraits. Talk to your ceremony coordinator about when you can arrive and when you need to be out the door.  Talk to your DJ about the key reception times.

This is your day but you can’t do it all yourself. If there was ever a time to give up some of the control, this is it!  Delegation is your savior.  Delegate tasks to the people in your family and bridal party that you can trust to follow through with them. 

If you’ve ever seen photographs where it looks like someone’s make-up was a few shades too light, the culprit was most likely SPF.  Although SPF is a definitely a “do” on every other day of your life, for your wedding, it’s best to avoid lotions and make-up with SPF.  It reflects light differently from skin without SPF, which can cause that oddly mismatched look. The only other option is to talk with your makeup artist as some products offer a finishing powder that counteracts the effects of SPF.

 Similarly, avoid other products that reflect light like body glitter, super shiny lip gloss and shimmery eye shadows. These products can create “white dots” on your images.

Obviously, no one wants to look like a raccoon after crying, but you can do better than waterproof mascara.  I’m talking about fake eyelashes, ladies.  Get them.  Wear them. Love them. There are many styles and lengths. You might still need a little mascara but a whole lot less and they look amazing in photographs!

Tanning is not your friend.  I’ve sat in front of my computer until my eyes are on the verge on bleeding retouching tan lines, wrinkles, bad skin texture, and shades of orange that are far from natural.  This includes fake tans as well.  They’re notorious for being splotchy and even worse than regular tans for producing weird orange tones.  Your best bet is to make the most of your natural skin tone, it is after all, you!

If your rehearsal dinner is the night before, keep the cocktails in check.  A hangover is not something you want to be dealing with on your wedding day.  It doesn’t look good, and it doesn’t feel good.  Additionally, try to refrain from over doing the “fun” until the reception.  Whether you believe it or not, it actually does show in photography.

​​Remember if you are not from this area, high altitude changes things. The air is thinner meaning, your alcohol tolerance will be lower, your skin and lips will be dryer, you sunburn quicker and it can make you feel less than perfect. Solutions are to drink carefully, lather on the lotion, lip balm and sunscreen (until the wedding day of course) and drink tons, I mean tons of water! This is also important for your guests, especially the elderly.


All of our packages start at $1500 and may be customized to your personal needs based on number of hours etc...  We are happy to set up a time to discuss your options. There is an elopement package option as well which includes one photographer for 2 hours. This package starts at $550 but is limited to weddings of 15 people or less.


Some wedding packages do include the engagement shoot. If not and you are interested, let us know and we will work something out to accommodate. All engagements are done outdoors.


All portraits are done outdoors, whether in RMNP or a specific location to suit your desires. Contact us for more information.